Camp Lamoka, or Lamoka Baptist Camp, is owned and operated by an association of churches. This association is made up of 35 Baptistic churches across central and western New York. Each of our churches is independent, and each one is different, but they all share a common passion for children and young adult ministry! Some of our churches include Glen Baptist Church in Watkins Glen NY, People’s Baptist Church in Newfield NY, Tuscarora Baptist Church in Tuscarora NY, Calvary Baptist Church in Trumansburg NY, and Bible Baptist Church in Williamson NY. These churches, and many more, work together every year to make ministry happen at Lamoka. Churches in the association give funds, send staff, send campers, volunteer on campus, fill speaking positions, etc. 

Churches of the association meet annually to approve a budget, make big-picture policy decisions, fellowship and select a board to oversee the program and administrator of the camp.

For more information about our association OR to find out more about how you might join the association and partner with us in ministry, please contact our office anytime.


We are always looking to partner with like-faith churches in the area, who also have a passion for reaching our young people with the Gospel, while simultaneously teaching that encourages people of all ages to build their lives on the Word of God. Association churches are asked to support the ministry in one, or all, of the following ways (as the Lord provides and directs): 1) Financially through monthly or quarterly giving, 2) sending campers or promoting the camp to their people/community, 3) filling positions on the board or staffing positions at the camp as they become available, and/or 4) prayer – lifting the concerns and staff and leadership of the camp up in prayer. If you are a like-faith church in our general vicinity and you would like to partner with us in ministry and join our association, please contact us for more information. Along with being part owners of the camp, there are several other perks that come with association status, including youth camp discounts for the kids and teens of your church, the ability to join the board of directors, the ability to vote at association meetings, etc. The basic process for joining is as follows:

Step One: The Inquiry
The process begins when a pastor or a church reaches out to our leadership. Each request is brought before the Board of Directors and the process begins.

Step Two: The Interview
The Pastor(s) meets with the executive committee of the board of directors.

Step Three: Document Review
The process continues with a document review. In this stage, both the church and the board swap financial data, doctrinal statements, and any other pertinent items for review. This step is meant to establish transparency between the two organizations.

Step Four: The Board Meeting
After documents are reviewed and introductions have been made, the pastor, leadership, and or deacons of the church will meet with our entire board of directors to share information and to ask questions.

Step Five: Presentation of the Ministry
Before the church and the board vote on the matter, the Administrator of the camp will visit the church requesting association status, giving them an overview of the ministry. The administrator will answer any final questions or concerns of the church at this time.

Step Six: The Vote(s)
Finally, the church will be asked to vote on whether or not to join the association. At the same time, the board will vote on whether or not to recommend the church to the whole association at the next annual meeting (October). If both ministries agree to move forward, the matter will be put to a vote after a short presentation at the Annual Meeting of the churches. After this vote is completed, the church will receive all perks and responsibilities associated with membership.

*Note: The above is merely an outline of the process, and may not reflect the actual order of events or steps. And some steps may be adjusted if necessary.