Writer’s Retreat


Where do you find inspiration? We hope you will find it at Camp Lamoka! Sometimes inspiration can be elusive for a writer. The chance to just sit down and write seems impossible. Inspire Writer’s Retreat is a unique writing opportunity that offers time and space to be encouraged and energized, whether through quiet, music, art or community. Come enjoy a weekend of inspiration with fellow writers and find the space to be inspired!

What to Bring & Bedding: Please bring bedding (for a twin bed – sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag), sneakers for any activities you want to participate in, a Bible, notebook, pen, spending money (optional), Flashlight (optional), toiletries, etc. We do have all of the above on campus if you forget something.

Different writing opportunities available including small groups, critique groups, spaces of music, spaces of silence, time in nature, devotionals, and more!

2023 THEME: “Interlude”
2023 WRITING LEADERS: Janelle Leonard

2023 CHAPEL SPEAKER: Rollin Howard
2023 DATE: 5pm May 11 – 3pm May 13, 2023

COST: $100/participant

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