Summer Positions

Serving on Camp Lamoka’s Summer Staff is an incredible opportunity. We are looking to hire men and women above the age of 14 who love the Lord and who are passionate about using their talents to glorify him. Below is a list of summer staff positions we currently have available.  Most of our support staff positions are volunteer positions. This allows us to keep the cost of camp lower for our campers. When you apply, you will be able to indicate where you would like to work this summer, but the Board of Directors and the Administrator may place you according to the needs of the camp. You may also be asked to fill several different positions throughout the course of a summer. We are looking for individuals who can commit to work the entire summer (7 weeks – 5 weeks for counselors). If you have extenuating circumstances that keep you from working one week, please contact the office after you apply. You must be at least 14 years old to apply. The number next to each position below indicate how old you have to be in order to serve in that position. Applications and references must be in no later than February 1st. A final staff list will be posted on our website in February or March. Please contact us if you have any further question.

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Food Service Staff (14yo) – Join our Food Service Staff and make sure that our meals are served in orderly manner and in a clean and sanitized environment. Food Service Staff work in the Dining Hall and the Dish Pit.

Concessions Staff (14yo) – Join our Concessions Staff and run our Concession areas, including our snack place (the Hunger Haven) and our Gift Shop.

Craft Barn Staff (14yo) – Join our Craft Barn Staff and assist our campers with crafting.

Program Staff (14yo) – Join our Program Staff and help plan and execute a complex program. This team runs all the programs and activities throughout the week, including group games, electives, cabin activities, the team point system, etc…

Boat Dock Staff (16yo) – Our Boat Dock Staff run the Boat Dock on Lamoka Lake. 

Maintenance Staff (16yo) – Join our Maintenance staff and help us maintain and keep our campus tidy and clean.

Office Assistant (14yo) – Office Assistants assist the Office Administrator and Administrator with Office Work, Paperwork, and various tasks, including sorting mail, printing and cutting materials, and filing paperwork.

Nurse Assistant (16yo) – Our Nurse Assistant assists the Nurse as she goes about her duties. This staff member is expected to be responsible and comfortable around a busy nurse’s station and medical issues.

Counselor (17yo) – Counselors are in the trenches of the ministry at Lamoka Baptist Camp. Counselors spend all their time with campers, as guide, leader, and mentor. Counseling is the hardest job on campus, but also the most rewarding.

Starter’s Day Camp Counselor (16yo) – Starter’s Day Camp Counselors are responsible for our Day Campers from 9am to 4pm daily.

Lifeguard (16yo) – Join our Lifeguard Staff and help keep our campers safe as they swim and partake in water activities.

Concessions Coordinator (17yo) – Lead our Concession Area.

Assistant Cook (18yo) – Assist our cooks are they prepare and serve meals.

Program Coordinator (18yo) – Lead our Program Team and Program at Lamoka Baptist Camp.

Waterfront Coordinator (21yo) – Lead our Waterfront Staff and Boat Dock Staff.

Food Service Coordinator (18yo) – Lead our Food Service Staff.

Nurse (21yo) – Must be an RN or LPN. Call or contact us for more information.

Maintenance Coordinator (18yo) – Lead our Maintenance Team.

Office Administrator (18yo) – Run our Camp Office. This job includes answering phones, taking messages, coordinating office and communication efforts, filing paperwork, printing and copying items and materials, managing the website and online gift store, etc…

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Full Time Positions

We currently have no Full Time positions available.