Teen Retreat


We live in a fallen world that is becoming increasingly more dangerous for Christians who take a stand for what they believe. Camp Lamoka is serious about helping the church raise up young men and women of faith who are ready and prepared to stand for Christ in a fallen world. This will require training, education, faith, and courage! The Teen Retreat is a retreat for teens (13-19) specifically designed to assist young people with their Spiritual growth while encouraging them to take a stand. Register today and come and experience all that Lamoka has to offer.

ALL teens must be accompanied by a youth leader, pastor or adult (one pastor, leader or adult can be responsible for multiple teens or a group of teens as long as they have permission from the parents of each teen). Teens without an adult or youth leader WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAY OVERNIGHT, but may attend if they go home to sleep. Please contact us for more information.

What to Bring & Bedding: Please bring bedding (for a twin bed – sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag), sneakers for any activities you want to participate in, a Bible, notebook, pen, spending money (optional), Flash light (optional), bathing suit (if you want to swim or tube, it is still chilly at this time of year, but it may be an option), toiletries, etc. We do have all of the above on campus if you forget something.

This year’s featured activities include Paintball Marksmen Course, Zipline, and Archery Tag. You will sign up for one of these three when you arrive – first come, first serve. We will also be doing several group games and activities, and much, much more!

2021 THEME: “The Search for God’s Will”
2021 SPEAKER: Jeff Bartz

BIO: Jeff Bartz came to Christ in the backseat of a police car. He has a heart for the underdog and the down and out, believing they can glorify God in ways others can’t. He is married, has 5 boys, is a pastor, military chaplain, and has a doctorate in counseling. He enjoys deer hunting and coral reef spear fishing. Jeff is thrilled to return to Lamoka where he was a counselor.

DATE: September 24-25, 2021; 5:00PM – 3:30PM
COST: $40.00 & $20.00 for leaders
RETREAT T-SHIRT: Add this year’s Teen Retreat T-shirt when you register for $12. You can buy this shirt at the retreat for $16 as supplies last.

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