DESCRIPTION: Come enjoy a great, spiritually uplifting weekend of fellowship and fun with other women at Camp Lamoka. We will make the food, do the dishes, and run the program, allowing you to relax, enjoy the fellowship, and grow closer to God through the amazing chapels. The retreat includes 3 delicious meals, 3 chapel sessions, group activities, crafts, volleyball, time to relax, and much more that will be announced soon.

This year, our chapel sessions will focus on singing and learning about the theology of our worship music!

Lodging Options: There are several lodging options available for this retreat. We have rooms with bathrooms attached (22 beds) and we have rooms without bathrooms attached. If you would like to be placed in a room attached to a bathroom, please include that information on the registration form. Most rooms are shared/common rooms with 4-12 twin-sized beds in each room. If you would need to be placed in your own room, please contact us for more information and to see if the option is available. 

If you would prefer to go home for the evening and return in the morning, you can select the “No Lodging” option for a $10 discount.

What to Bring & Bedding: Please bring bedding (for a twin bed – sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag), sneakers for any activities you want to participate in, a Bible, notebook, pen, spending money (optional), Flash light (optional), bathing suit (if you want to swim, it is still chilly at this time of year, but it may be an option), toiletries, etc. We do have all of the above on campus if you forget something.

2024 THEME: “Adore” – This year’s retreat will be a focused on worshipping and adoring our God!
OUR SPEAKER: Ingrid Semans

DATE & TIMES: May 3-4, 2024 (4pm-4pm)
COST:  $50.00