Womens Retreat

Come enjoy a great, spiritually uplifting weekend of fellowship and fun with other women at Camp Lamoka. We have moved our newly designed Women’s Retreat from the Fall to the Spring, just after Mother’s Day. Our job is to make the food, do the dishes, and plan the activities…your job is to enjoy yourself, relax, enjoy the fellowship, and grow closer to God through our amazing chapels. Activities will include group activities, crafts, hay rides, etc… For the first time this year, we have a first timer discount for women who have never been to a Women’s Retreat at Lamoka Baptist Camp (look for it when you register online). The retreat will include three chapel sessions, 3 meals, and a whole lot of activities and group activities, as well as, plenty of time to relax. 

Lodging Options: There are several lodging options available for this retreat. We have rooms with bathrooms attached (22 beds) and we have rooms without bathrooms attached. If you would like to be placed in a room attached to a bathroom, please include that information on the registration form.




DATE & TIMES: May 15-16, 2020,  5:00pm – 4:00pm (Registration starts at 4:30pm)

COST:  $35.00

Massage Option: We will be offering optional professional massages during this retreat. We partner with two professional massage therapists who bring all their equipment to Camp Lamoka. We have limited slots for massages. Massages are given to two people at a time, so grab a friend and sign up soon to save your slot. When you register online, you can also sign up for the a massage. The cost to add a 20-25 minute massage to this retreat is $30 (please consider tipping on top of this, though it is not required).