We love visitors at Lamoka Baptist Camp! If you are a parent, or a church member, or just someone who would like to see the ministry being done at Camp Lamoka, we would love to have you stop in anytime. Because the safety of our campers is so important to us, we have some guidelines and rules for our visitors, which can be found below. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call our office (607-463-0324). See the google map at the bottom of this page for directions and location information.

1. Scope
These policies and procedures apply to the entire campus and to all of its facilities, and they pertain to all visitors (including members of association churches and board members) who come to the campus during any and all summer Youth Camps. Special events, such as the Fine Arts Concert, are not necessarily regulated by these policies and procedures.

2. Visiting Hours
While we do not have specific hours designated for visitors, we ask that family and friends do not visit their camper/child before Wednesday evening. This allows the camper(s) to adjust to the new atmosphere and to the Camp’s program and schedule. We also ask that visitors attend their own church’s Prayer Meeting services on Wednesday night, if applicable, instead of visiting Lamoka (we are dedicated to the local church).

3. General Guidelines
– All visitors must first sign in at the Nurse’s Station (located in the dining hall) and get a visitor badge before walking about campus.
– Lamoka welcomes every individual regardless of age, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, etc…
– We do not allow cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs on our campus. Any visitor who brings any of these with them onto the campus will be asked to leave immediately.

4. Rules for Visitors
– You must wear your visitor badge visibly at all times.
– You must park in the visitor parking lot (unless otherwise instructed).
– You must sign in upon arrival and sign out when you leave.
– You are NOT allowed in any cabin(s).
– You may only use the restrooms in the Dining Hall.
– You may NOT be alone with a camper in a secluded area or building.
– Visits are limited to 2 hours (per camper week)
– Counselors are responsible for their campers.
– You may be asked to leave at any time, for any reason.
– Please return this visitor badge to the Nurse’s Station when you sign-outen you sign out.