Rent Campus

If you are a church or a christian organization, our campus is available to rent. Lamoka is a great place for a church picnic, leadership training, youth group retreat, or Sunday school get-away! It is a great place to get away for the business of life and enjoy Christian fellowship and spiritual growth. We have various packages and options, including everything from no-frills single day rentals to activity packed multi-day retreats with meals. We would love to work with you on your next retreat or getaway. Please click the button below to submit a rental request form. Once we receive this, someone in our administration will reach out to you to help you plan and finalize the details of your retreat/event.

Rental Request


We do our best to tailor each retreat and event to fit your needs and group, if none of the packages or options below fit your needs, we will be more than happy to create a unique package for you. Also note that our Association Churches receive discounts – contact us or fill out a rental request for more information.

*All rentals require a non-refundable $100 deposit, which will be added to your total. This fee is waived for Association Churches.



Use our facilities, including our chapel, dining hall, kitchen, outdoor spaces, and much more for a single day. Add meals to a single day rental for $6/person/meal. You can also add activities at an extra charge. See the activities tab below to see what activities we can provide (not all activities are available year round).

OVERNIGHT RENTAL | $20/person/night
Stay overnight in our rustic and comfortable lodging and use our facilities for your retreat or get-away. You are responsible to create your schedule, run your own activities, and provide or make your own meals.

Stay overnight in our rustic and comfortable lodging and use our facilities for your retreat or get-away. You are responsible to create your schedule and run your own activities, but we will provide 3 delicious meals. These meals can be catered to your dietary needs or preferences. You can add activities to this rental – see our activities on the activities tab.

FULL RETREAT  | $50-$60/person/night
In short…we do everything! We will provide the schedule, meals, speaker, activities, etc. And all you need to do is show up and enjoy! An extra charge may be applied for groups smaller than 20. The per person cost may change or increase based upon desired activities.

Rental Request

Activity Costs

These activities can be added to either a single day rental or an overnight rental. Not all activities are available year round or at all times, please call to check on availability.

Climbing Wall | $40/hr
Zip-line | $70/hr
Low Ropes Course | $30/hr
Swimming (includes lifeguard) | $40/hr
Canoes and Paddle-boats | $30/hr
Paintball | $20/person (includes marker, CO2, paint-balls and safety gear)
Tubing and/or Boat Rides | $70/hr
Super Water Slide | $20/hr
Professional Massages | $80/hr
Hayrides | $40/hr
Archery Tag | $30/hr

Pictures of Facilities


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