Spiritual Emphasis Camp


DateAugust 3-8, 2020
Music: Lamoka Worship Team
Speakers & Workshop Leaders: Pastor Colin Smith, Pastor Scott Paris, etc

DESCRIPTION: We call our spiritual emphasis week Θωμασμυς (Thaumasmus). This camp is like no other at Lamoka Baptist Camp, because it is a camp specifically designed for campers who have a passion for digging deeper into the Word of God. It is for those young people (13-23 year olds) in your church who are not satisfied with the easy or simple answers. Campers who attend this week will be able to enjoy the many activities Camp Lamoka has to offer, but they will spend most of their time in Theology Sessions (this years focus: Soteriology), Workshops (#1: Egyptology; #2: Biblical Counseling in the Church), break out groups, and solo times. These workshops and sessions are led by pastors, theologians, and professors who love the Lord and desire to see young people grow closer to Him. The whole week is designed to assist the camper in furthering their knowledge of the Scriptures and God, while deepening their relationship with Him. The Greek word above means to “marvel at something in more than a matter-of-fact way.” And that is the objective of the week. We desire to look at Theology and study the Scriptures in a way that is exciting and thrilling and in a way that causes you to rejoice in who God is and what he has done.

Theology and Doctrine are so crucial, especially in this day and age, and we are so overjoyed and passionate about the opportunity to teach it to the young people along side you, the local church.

This week is a “by invitation only” week, which means that if you would like one of your young people to attend the week, a deacon or pastor must recommend them by sending me an email with their name to camp@lamoka.com

COST: $150.00! (If you are invited to attend this amazing spiritual emphasis week, but you cannot afford to attend, please let us know and we will try to assist you if we can.)

If you are a pastor of an association church, you can recommend teens between the age of 12-21 by calling the Administrator at 607-280-5305 or by emailing our office at camp@lamoka.com. If you are a camper who has received a recommendation, you may register by clicking the “register” button below.*

*If you have already attended Lamoka in 2019, you do not need to fill out the entire registration form again.

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What to Bring

1. Clothes
2. Bedding
3. Flashlight and camera (optional)
4. Sweatshirt or jacket
5. Bible
6. Notebook and pens
7. Sneakers
8. Swim-suit and towel
9. Spending money
10. Toiletries (tooth paste, tooth brush, soap, towel, etc)
11. Hiking, climbing, and canoeing attire (for Adventure Camp)Please consider putting your child’s name in/on their belongings.

DO NOT BRING: Cellphones, computers, tablets, knives, lighters, matches, aerosol cans, expensive jewelry, etc…