Reward Bandz

Description: Reward Bandz is Camp Lamok’a new and exciting method of engaging young people of all ages in verse memorization, bible study, prayer, and campus activities. At the beginning of each week, every camper will receive a Reward Bandz Booklet (pages seen below). This booklet contains instructions, possible prizes, short biblical narrations, and 7 colored pages. Each colored page presents the camper with a set of special challenges or tasks and a list of verses to memorize. When a camper completes a page (and their counselor confirms it with their signature) the camper will receive a wrist band that matches the color of the page they have completed. Each wrist band comes with prizes that will encourage the camper to advance in rank throughout the week. Possible prizes include free stuff from Hunger Haven, a cool Reward Bandz T-shirt, a VIP window at Hunger Haven, and dinner with the director (which includes the choice of any meal). I am confident that this program will both excite MOST campers and entice them to do things that are very good for them – things that may ultimately change their lives by bringing them closer to Christ and the Word.

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