One of our primary goals at Lamoka is to assist the local church in raising up young men and women of faith who will stand for the cause of Christ in a fallen world. We work toward this goal in many ways, but we are always looking for ways to improve our methods. To that end, we have developed a new and better pedagogical system called Project Pathway, which will allow the local church and Lamoka work more closely to help our young people mature in their faith and grow in their relationship with Christ. As the name suggests, this system encourages participation (of church, camp, and camper) in a journey. Lamoka Baptist Camp is an exceptional place that inspires spiritual “mountain-top-experiences,” which are a glorious part of the Christian life, but we seek to assist young people in the maturation of the kind of faith that survives and flourishes even in the valleys of life – a zealous faith that keeps our young men and women continually focused on the scriptures and God’s glory! We believe Project Pathway will help us do this better.If you are interested in getting your church involved in Project Pathway, please contact our office (607-463-0324).

To better prepare the children and teens of our church to live as Christians in a fallen and sin-filled world.

The process begins with an interview between a camper’s parents and the pastor of the sending church. During this interview the pastor will give the parents an opportunity to share the spiritual needs, character, and desires of their child/camper. The interview form can be found below.
The interview form will be used by the leadership and counselors to assist the camper with their spiritual growth. At the end of the week the counselor will fill out and send an evaluation form back to the pastor of the camper’s sending church, which maps out their growth and progress throughout the week.
The final step in the process encourages campers to make the move from camper to staffer in the following way: If a camper participates in at least three years of Project Pathway (step one and two), they will be paid 10% more if and when they are hired to work as summer staff at Lamoka. Contact us for more information.

Interview Form

Project Pathway Info-graphic Explanation
Interview Form
Evaluation Form