We are looking for 20 or more individuals to give $20 each month for 12 months to recharge our scholarship fund for 2020. We have been able to scholarship over between 30-40 individuals every year for the last several, and we would like to continue to offer this service and ministry to campers and families who need assistance. Last year we were able to help 49 children attend camp with this fund and of those 49, at least 3 of them were saved while at camp! After you sign up, your card will be charge $20 each month for the next 12 months. This money is going to our Ed Henry Campership Fund, which grants scholarships to campers who cannot afford to attend camp. This fund helps dozens of kids every year! Camp is an amazing place where so many spiritual decisions are made..

You can sign up to be one of our 20FOR20 donors by filling out the form below. We will also post the list of our donors below when we get closer.



    *There is a processing fee taken out of all credit card transactions. We would like to give you the option to pay for that fee so that your entire donation can go to the Scholarship Fund.
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1. Joseph Hirschfield
2. Debra Hogan
3. Barbara Hartzfeld
4. Greg & Jodianne Howard
5. Lisa Marie Baker
6. Rebecca Hamilton
7. Elizabeth Hogan
8. Jeffrey Spiller
9. Andrew & Katie Druyor
10. Seth & Megan Thomas
11. Tim Hamilton
12. Craig & Heidi Fryburger
13. Art & Sandy Snyder
14. Barbara Jebbett
15. Mary Cosgrove
16. Tony & Taylor McLauren
17. Brian & Nancy Morgan
18. Kyler Davis
19. Callum Young
20. Cindy Henry
21. Alyssa Grizenko
22. Amy Evans