We are looking for 30 or more individuals to give $20/month to recharge our scholarship fund for 2022. We have been able to scholarship over between 30-50 individuals every year for the last several, and we would like to continue to offer this service and ministry to campers and families who need assistance. Last year we were able to help 54 children attend camp with this fund and all of those children had the opportunity to hear the Gospel!

After you sign up, your card will be charged $20 (or a customizable amount) each month from January 2022-December 2022. This money is going to our Ed Henry Campership Fund, which grants scholarships to campers who cannot afford to attend camp. This fund helps dozens of kids every year! Camp is an amazing place where so many spiritual decisions are made.

You can sign up to be one of our Lamoka Partners by clicking the button below. You will then be sent to our donation portal to set up your automatic, recurring monthly payments. On this portal, you will be able to select when you are charged, the source of the charge (credit card/bank account), etc.

2022 Partners
1. Gordy and Amy Evans
2. Gordy and Amy Evans
3. Lisa Baker
4. Callum Young
5. Brian and Anna Davis
6. Marty and Lois Clark
7. Ethan Ernhout
8. Cindy Henry
9. William Gettys
10. Kyler Davis
11. Greg and Jodi Howard
12. Anonymous
13. Anonymous
14. Anonymous
15. Anonymous
16. Jeff Tham
17. Clark Young
18. Debra Hogan
19. Art and Sandy Snyder
20. Dave and Wendy Perrott
21. Tony and Taylor McLaurin
22. Tony and Taylor McLaurin
23. Cindy Marshall
24. Craig and Heidi Fryburger
25. Mike and MaryAnn Cosgrove
26. Anonymous
27. Anonymous
28. Anonymous
29. Anonymous
30. Anonymous

Last Year’s Partners
1. Joana Jinks
2. Greg and Jodianne Howard
3. Mike and MaryAnn Cosgrove
4. Lisa Baker
5. Cindy Henry
6. Callum Young
7. Art and Sandy Snyder
8. Nolan Ernhout
9. Kyler Davis
10. Gordy and Amy Evans
11. Debra Hogan
12. Brian and Anna Davis
13. Craig and Heidi Fryburger
14. Marty and Lois Clark
15. Douglas Henry
16. Tony and Taylor McLaurin
17. Tony and Taylor McLaurin
18. Ethan Ernhout
19. Julie Young
20. Brantley and Diane Davis