Sampson, Abraham, Moses, and Gideon are just a few of the Heroes of Faith we will be learning about in Summer 2018 as we delve into Hebrews chapter 11. Our goal is to communicate two things to all the campers who attend one of our youth camps: 1) Being a Hero of Faith requires one to look into the Bible and believe what God has revealed to us there and 2) being a Hero of Faith requires us to live according to what we find in the Bible, no matter the consequences – be it ridicule, threats, or death. Our chapels for the entire summer will focus on these statements and our activities and program will serve to reinforce these, and other similar Biblical truths, through metaphors and example.

Our “from-scratch” program will be superhero themed in 2018. At the beginning of each youth camp week, campers will be launched into the program with a cross campus hunt for villains who are hiding throughout Camp Lamoka. Campers will receive points for their teams based upon how many villains they are able to find and detain. The 2018 Launch Event will run for a couple hours on Monday, after registration is complete.

Lamoka Land the Card Game will be returning in 2018 with a whole new cast of characters (heroes and villains), all new cards, and a handful of awesome surprises. Players/campers will be able to collect scientists and super heroes, and they will be able to build jet packs, giant robots, and cool vehicles in this casual strategy card game.

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