Summer Staff List

Coordinator = Alyssa Grizenko

Abigail Pixley |
Amanda Frank |
Ariana Aman |
Bethany Spiller |
David Spencer |
Eleanor Fudge |
Leah Landis |
Logan Ingraham |
Kathrine Wood |
Kaylynne Bell |
Jackson Paris |
Jonah Posey |
Julian Posey |
Paul Graves |


Coordinator = Kellie Lapoint & Tracy Howard

Lilah Champion (AC) |
Elijah Flack |
Amelia Finlayson | ameliafinlayson1@gmail
Nate Clark |
Nan Guidi |
Carmin Guidi |
Nicole Guidi |
Mason Melot |


Coordinator = Ben French

Calum Young |


Coordinator =  Ari Wood

Zachariah C. (AC) |
Haley Cortland |
Nathan Lerche |
Katrina Smith |


Coordinator = Kelly Swimley

Michael Bartz |
Rebecca King |
Emily Grizenko |
Stephanie Sherman |
Joy Krick (Aid) |


Coordinator = Cindy Henry

Kate Horton |
Vicki Hamilton |


Coordinators = Jena Slater (LG) & Kyler Davis

Jasmine Stow (LG) |
Ben Easton (LG) |
Lauren Russen |
Rebecca Merrill |


Coordinator = Isaac Ladley

Faith F. (AC) |
Gracie Lindmark |
Zachary Bell |
Connor Lanning |


Coordinator (RN) = Cheryl Tubbs

Maia Turner |


Director/Administrator = Greg Howard

Alyssa Grizenko (AA)
Mary Moore (Office Admin)

*Important note: the list(s) above reflect the administration’s staff plan, but this may change at any time for any reason. You may be asked to shift positions or work in a different area. Also, please be aware that not all the positions at camp are paid positions (as indicated on the staff opportunities page of our website and the staff application. Counselors, leadership, lifeguards, cooks, nurses, and a few other positions are paid, but most of the support staff positions are volunteer positions. If you are unsure whether or not your position is a paid or volunteer position and that is something you need to know, please contact your coordinator/supervisor.