Staff Orientation


So, you have been hired to work at Lamoka Baptist Camp in 2020. . . Congratulations! If you have never worked at Lamoka before, you may be asking yourself, “OK, what next.? That is why this page exists: to tell you the next steps you should be taking before LAUNCH WEEK (Staff Training Week) in June. Please read all the information below to see what you need to do and know before arriving on campus for staff training week. All the information on this page is required reading for all staff. If you have any other questions, your coordinators (supervisors) will contact you shortly to introduce themselves, and at that time, you may ask them any and all of your questions. If your coordinator does not contact you before the end of March, please contact them using the email or phone number of your coordinator found on the Leadership Contact Information Page in the Portal.


  1. FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH THE MINISTRY: If you have never been to our camp or campus before, don’t fret, we will be giving you a full campus tour and going over everything you will need to know to serve at Lamoka during Staff Training Week. If you have never been to Lamoka before, please familiarize yourself with our ministry by visiting our About Us Pages. On these pages you will find a campus map, answers to frequently asked questions, pictures, etc.
  2. REQUIRED FORMS: ALL staff must fill out the Staff Medical Form before Staff Training Week. This form is on the navigation menu. If you are under 18 you will need your parents to help you complete the form, because they must sign the form before it is submitted. If you are being paid this summer, you must also complete and submit a W4 before arriving for Staff Training Week. This can also be found on the navigation menu on this page. If you are unsure whether you are being paid this summer, check out our Summer Positions Page or contact us anytime. You can fill out the W4 on a PDF program or you can print your own and send it in via mail to PO BOX 70 Tyrone NY 14887.
  3. STAFF RESOURCES: Our training resources for this year can be found on the Staff Resource Page. We will cover these when you arrive for Training Week. However, Counselors and Coordinators are required to read the first 4 resources before arriving for Training Week. This is a lot of reading, so please start nice and early. We will cover most of this information during Training Week, but it is important that you read everything. If you are not a Counselor or Coordinator, you can wait until Training Week.
  4. LAUNCH WEEK: Our staff training week, which we call L.A.U.N.C.H. WEEK, runs from June 22th-27th in 2020. All staff are required to attend this week. Please be moved into your assigned cabin by 9:45am and in the chapel no later than 10:00am on June 22th. CIT cabin assignments will be posted around campus (and they will be posted below this paragraph a week or two before LAUNCH WEEK begins.). Please be rested and ready to go (spiritually and physically) when you arrive. Coordinators have a leadership meeting on Sunday the 21st at 8:00pm. Coordinators are welcome to stay overnight on campus. LAUNCH WEEK Cabin Assignments will be posted HERE as we get closer to June!
  5. SUMMER WEEKS: Each week begins on Monday morning with an ALL staff meeting in the chapel at 8:00 am. Please show up on time with your staff shirt and name tag on. All staff are expected to work ALL 8 weeks this summer. If you cannot work all 8 weeks, because of a family vacation or another commitment, please inform your coordinator or supervisor when they reach out to you in the Spring. If you are unable to work a certain amount of weeks, you may not be able to work this summer, because we firmly believe that you will not grow as much or as effectively as you can, if you are not there for a minimal amount of time. Each week, except for fine arts camp, ends at 10:30am on Saturday morning. Your weekends are your own, but please use them wisely (e.g. laundry, rest, spend time with family, be active in your local church, etc).