We are excited to offer this brand new payment option to our campers and families. This year there is no fee to sign up for this plan, it simply breaks up your total payment for a week of camp into 4 automatic payments, which are deducted from your payment method each month for four months. This spreads the cost of camp out into more manageable amounts. The full cost must be paid for before you attend camp, so you must sign up before march 20th each year to take advantage of this plan. You must also be registered for a youth camp or family camp before you sign up for the payment plan. If you are a youth camper, your payments will be $62.25 a month for four months (The first payment is due when you sign up). If you are a family camper, you will be prompted to input your remaining balance when you sign up.


Step One: Register for a week of youth camp or family camp. You may use the links below to do so now if you have not already done so. You will still need to pay the $50 registration fee for youth camp and the $100 registration fee for family camp when you register.

YOUTH CAMP: https://lamoka.com/regsitration/

FAMILY CAMP: https://lamoka.com/family-camps/

Step Two: Fill out the form below and submit it. If it is past March 20th, please contact us using the “contact” form on our website. We may still be able to squeeze you in if March 20th just past. Please be sure to tell us you used our payment plan option to pay for camp.