General Information

What are Lamoka Partners?
Lamoka Partners are a collection of individuals who, first and foremost, care deeply for the ministry at Lamoka Baptist Camp, and desire to see it flourish as it fulfills its mission of proclaiming the Gospel and promoting Godly living. These individuals make a 2-year commitment to give monthly to the ministry at Lamoka Baptist Camp. There is no minimum limit on monthly donations. You may choose to give $5 a month or you may be able to give $100 a month. Every donation helps and will further the work being done at Lamoka.

Lamoka Partner Perks
We love to be able to bless our Lamoka Partners as they support the ministry. To that end, we have several perks that all Lamoka Partners will receive. First, they are automatically invited to our annual Lamoka Partner’s Banquet in the Spring. This is a free event where we will fellowship and share details of how their donations were spent. Second, Lamoka Partners will be kept up to date on all that is going on at Lamoka through a quarterly, and sometimes monthly, informational letter. Third, Lamoka Partners may receive special discounts or Lamoka merchandise.

What are their donations going toward?
The primary purpose of this program is to improve and update our facilities and program and assure the long term viability of the ministry. More specifically, these funds will be allocated to 3 different areas*: 1) a part of every donation will go into a savings account to secure the long term viability of the ministry, 2) anther part of every donation will be gifted to our general fund to help with day-to-day operations, bills, and purchases, and 3) part of every donation will go toward what we call the “Special Projects Stack.” This is a list of projects that the camp really needs to accomplish to move our facility or program forward. This stack, and more information on how it works, can be found on the third tab above. We will also keep a record of all the funds that come in so you can see how it is doing (see the second tab above). 

How to Become a Lamoka Partner?
It is very simple to join the program. Click on the button marked “BECOME A LAMOKA PARTNER,” fill out the short contact form, and the head of the program, Amber Tham, will contact you personally about the next step and to answer your questions. You can also decide how much to give each month on that form and you can pay online with your credit card by clicking the button “MAKE YOUR MONTHLY GIFT ONLINE.”





*These categories or areas are subject to change and the board of directors may do so at any time.

Fund Progress

Total to-date Lamoka Partner’s Donations: $750

*See the next, and third, tab above to see our Special Projects Stack.

Short Term Project Stack

The Special Projects Stack is a list of short term projects that will improve the facilities and program at Lamoka Baptist Camp. As soon as we have raised enough money for the first project in the stack, the project will be started or the item will be purchased and we will start raising money for the next item in the stack. You can follow the progress of the money raised for each item or project by watching the blue bars fill up.

1) Waterfront Revitalization ($2,500)

Waterfront Revitalization: 20%

Information: This money will be spent on revitalizing our waterfront area. It will go toward the purchase of more and newer sand for the beach area and a handful of things that will improve the look of the area (e.g. paint, umbrellas, dock accessories, seating, etc).

2) Chapel Revitalization Project ($3,000)

Chapel Revitalization Project

Information: This money will go toward revitalizing the Lamoka Chapel. This project will probably include: an electrical upgrade, sheet rock, paint, a new sound system, furniture, a podium, a new stage solution, etc.

3) Electrical Upgrade to Guys Side of Campus (5,500)

Last 2 New Addition Rooms

Information: This money will go toward upgrading the electrical system on the guy’s side of campus (the lower end). This will be much more efficient and a lot safer.