Leadership Contact Information


See our 2020 CHAIN OF COMMAND to see how our staff is organized or to see who you report to. If you have any questions, please direct them to the person/coordinator directly above you in the chain of command. If they cannot answer your question, they will pass it up the chain.

Mr. Greg Howard
Phone: 607-280-5305
Email: camp@lamoka.com

Program Coordinator:
Mr. Isaac Ladley 
Phone: (585) 409-1806
Email: iladley.2019@gmail.com

Day Camp Coordinator:
Mrs. Kelly Swimley
Phone: (607) 279-9374
Email: kswimley@zoom-dsl.com

Assistant Administrator & Communications Coordinator:
Ms. Alyssa Grizenko
Phone: (607) 678-0292
Email: alyssagriz@gmail.com

Waterfront Coordinator:
Ms. Jena Slater
Phone: (607) 426-2359
Email: jenams01@gmail.com

Concessions Coordinator:
Ms. Ari Wood
Phone: (607) 292-6914
Email: titaniumae02@gmail.com

Craft Coordinator:
Ms. Cindy Henry
Phone: (607) 280-5440
Email: cjh73@yahoo.com

Food Service Coordinator:
Ms. Tracy Howard or Kelly LaPoint-Flood
Phone: (607) 382-4256 or (607) 592-0738
Email: tlhoward@stny.rr.com or mklapoint@htva.net

Healthcare Coordinator:
RN Cheryl Tubbs
Phone: (607) 592-1819
Email: cheryltubbs@msn.com

Office Administrator:
Ms. Mary Moore
Email: catiemoore123@gmail.com

Maintenance Coordinator:
Mr. Ben French
Phone: (716) 9071437
Email: brffrench1@gmail.com