Junior Retreat

This NEW retreat is an overnight getaway, packed full of fun and growth, for ages 9 to 12. The retreat will include 3 chapels, 3 meals, fun activities and games geared toward 9-12 year olds. It is like a week of camp boiled down into a weekend. Campers at this retreat will be assigned to a cabin and a counselor who will be with them and guide them through the entire retreat. Registration for the retreat will begin at 5:00pm in the dining hall, followed by dinner at 6:00pm.

What to Bring & Bedding: Please bring bedding (for a twin bed – sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag), sneakers for any activities you want to participate in, a Bible, notebook, pen, spending money (optional), Flash light (optional), bathing suit (if you want to swim or tube, it is still chilly at this time of year, but it may be an option), toiletries, etc. We do have all of the above on campus if you forget something.

This year’s activities include low ropes, climbing wall, group games, NERF tag, and much, much more…

2020 THEME
The 2020 Junior Retreat theme is “The Armor of God!” Pastor Andy Gable will spend our chapel sessions walking us through the armor of God, explaining their importance and purpose.

2020 Speaker: Pastor Andy Gable

2020 Date: September 18-19, 2020; 5:00PM (Registration Starts) – 2:00PM Pickup

Cost: $40

RETREAT T-SHIRT: Add this year’s Teen Retreat T-shirt when you register for $12. You can buy this shirt at the the retreat for $15 as supplies last.