Lamoka’s Fine Arts Week is phenomenal! We bring in godly and professional instructors, who spend the week teaching technique and theory that will benefit any musician no matter their level. The week includes all the activities Camp Lamoka is known for (tubing, climbing, archery, group games, swimming, crafts, etc), but most of the week is filled with sessions, activities, and practices that are focused on art and music. Upon arrival, campers will choose 1 or 2 tracks in which they will participate all week long. Our four tracks are Art, Band, Drama, and String Orchestra (descriptions below). All campers, no matter what track(s) they choose, will come together every day, forming a large group choir, which will prepare a number of choral pieces for the concert at the end of the week. This concert will also feature the Band, the Silly Songs segment, and the String Orchestra. An Art Show in the Lamoka Dining Hall will follow the concert.

Our Tracks:
1) Art – camper’s who select the Art Track will be taught basic and advanced skills (e.g. painting techniques, stretching and preparing canvas, etc). They will also complete a final and formal project (different every year), which will be on display during the Fine Art’s BBQ on Saturday. The instructor of the Art Track is artist Hillary Guenther. Campers who select the Art Track will be able to, and required to, select a second track (Band, Drama, or String Orchestra) to join.

2) Band – Campers in the Band Track will join a group of both advanced and beginner musicians to prepare 3 or 4 songs for the Fine Art’s Concert at the end of the week. The instructor of the Band Track is Kathy Knowles.This track includes: music theory, band rehearsals, practice time, free time, activity times, electives, etc.

3) Drama – campers in the Drama Track will work together with their instructor, Alyssa Grizenko, to prepare and preform a 20-30 minute drama on Friday night of Fine Art’s Week. Family members and friends are welcome to join us for the free performance. As the campers prepare for the performance, they will be taught basic and advanced performance skills. This track includes: music theory, drama rehearsals, free time, activity times, electives, etc.

4) String Orchestra – campers in the String Orchestra Track will prepare and perform 3-4 pieces for the Fine Art’s Concert at the end of the week. The instructor of this track is Grace Cox. This track includes: music theory, rehearsals, practice time, free time, activity times, electives, etc.

*Each Camper should be prepared to take placement exams when they arrive on Monday. These informal, low stress exams will allow us to place your child in the right theory class and practice groups.


Our Fine Arts Instructors
All of our instructors have taught professionally in their respective fields and more importantly, they all love God and serve Him with the talents He has given them. They are all passionate about teaching young people how to better glorify God with their abilities and gifts.

Kathy Knowles – Fine Arts Camp Director, Band Track Director, Music Theory Teacher

Hilary Guenther – Art Track Director

Grace Cox – String Orchestra Track Instructor

Jodianne Howard – Choir Director, Music Theory Teacher

Matt Westgate – Special Choir Director, Music Theory Teacher

Alyssa Grizenko – Drama Track Director


August 6 – August 11, 2018
Music: Lamoka Worship Team
Fine Arts Instructors: Kathy Knowles (Fine Arts Camp Director), Matthew Westgate, Jodi Howard, Grace Cox, and Hillary Guether
Speaker: Pastor Mark Cox & Matthew Westgate
Speaker Bio: Pastor Mark Cox is the lead pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Athens, PA and has a burden to help others know God more each day and then to be so overwhelmed by who God is that they cannot keep quiet about Him. Pastor Mark married his wonderful wife, Grace, in February of 2016. Sierra Jane was born on December 31st, 2016, and Kattelynn came home to them in April of 2017. When Pastor Mark is not working at the church, he is often spending time with his girls, singing, teaching music, playing a board game, hiking a trail, out hunting, or perhaps even doing some extra reading at home by the fireplace with a cup of smooth black coffee.

Registered before June 1st: $290
Registered after June 1st: $305

Ages: 8-18





What to Bring

1. Clothes
2. Bedding
3. Flashlight and camera (optional)
4. Sweatshirt or jacket
5. Bible
6. Notebook and pens
7. Musical instrument(s) (for Band Track and String Orchestra Track campers)
8. Music Stand (optional)
9. Music Stuff (reeds, oil, strings, mallets, sticks, practice pads, music, roslin, etc) (for Band and String Orchestra Track campers)
10. PLEASE bring nice jeans or a jean skirt (if you do not have jeans you may bring black pants or a skirt) for the concert! A Shirt will be provided for the concert.
11. Art or painting supplies (optional, for Art Track campers, if you do not have your own supplies, they will be provided).


The Concert & BBQ

2018 Date: August 11, 2018

Description: Our Seventh annual Concert and BBQ will take place on Saturday, August 11th at 10:00am. Anyone and Everyone is invited to enjoy good food, great fellowship, and a wonderful concert. Campers, please bring one of the following to wear for the concert: Nice Jeans or a Jean skirt. A shirt will be provided by Lamoka for the concert. The BBQ, and all the wonderful sides, are prepared and cooked by our head cook Tracy Howard. The BBQ will immediately follow the Concert, starting around Noon. Note: The BBQ is an EXTRA meal, which means Fine Arts campers will need to pay for the meal if they desire to partake in the BBQ (take out is an option). You may buy tickets online today by clicking on the button below or you can buy tickets at the door when you arrive.

BBQ Ticket Price:$10.00/person & $8.00/camper