Counselor Biography Form

This page is for counselors only. If you are not a counselor, you can disregard this page.

Hello Summer 2020 camp counselors! Please fill-out the following form for your counselor bio spot. In order to complete this form you will need the following two things: 1) a picture of yourself (you should be alone in the picture and the picture should be of you from your shoulders up). 2) A very brief video of yourself in landscape mode (not portrait). Use this script: “Hi, my name is (NAME) and I am one of Camp Lamoka’s 2020 camp counselors! I love being a camp counselor because (reason why you decided to be a counselor). My favorite summer activity is (favorite summer activity). See you this summer!” Please record video in good lighting and in a quiet place. Please do not add lib too much or your video may be to long to upload (you may ad lib a bit if you wish). 

A lot of people will see these (picture and video). Please do your best to produce a good quality image and video.

Please contact Alyssa Grizenko if you have any questions.

Counselor Biography