We are looking for 19 individuals to give $19 each month for 12 months to recharge our scholarship fund for 2019. After you sign up, your card will be charge $19 each month for the the next 12 months. This money is going to our Ed Henry Campership Fund, which grants scholarships to campers who cannot afford to attend camp. This fund helps dozens of kids every year! Camp is an amazing place where so many spiritual decisions are made.

We have reached our goal of 19 donors for 2019! We will be calling for 20 individuals in Fall 2019 to recharge this fund for 2020.

Thank you to our donors for helping us to bring more young people to Lamoka to learn about God and grow in their faith. See the full list of our 2019 donors below.



This form is not available, because we have reached our goal for 2019. Please pray about joining as a donor for 2020.



1. Thomas & Paula Dock
2. Greg & Jodianne Howard
3. Tim & Vicky Hamilton
4. Kim & Larry Dykes
5. Jeff & Amber Tham
6. Loren Little
7. Rhonda Holley
8. Brian Forrest
9. Debra Hogan
10. Barbara Hartzfeld
11. Douglass Henry
12. Irene Muntz
13. Rene Gaylord
14. Michael and Rebecca Hamilton
15. William Gettys
16. Lisa Baker
17. Brian and Nancy Morgan
18. Joseph Hirschfeld
19. Dave and Wendy Perrott