Mark your calendar now for the Sept. 27-28 LAMOKA TEEN NO RETREAT with Chris Brown. Chris loves teens and is passionate about communicating God's Word in such a way that they grow in their relationship with Christ. He is the Director of techPartner and has been doing tech ministry for over 10 yrs.
Schedule & Flyer
4:00pm......Registration Opens 5:00pm......Dinner
2:00pm......Final Chapel Session 3:00pm......Head Home

Official Teen Retreat Flyer.

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We are excited to announce that we will be having three poignant workshops to choose from during this year's Teen Retreat. Each teen will be able to choose two out of the three to attend. 1) "Social Media, A Good Servant but a Bad Master" with Chris Brown. 2) "No Retreat: The End is Near" with Pastor Rollin Howard. 3) "No Retreat: Approaching Abortion & Homosexuality" with Pastor Alan Lindmark.